A Guide to Finding Used Lifted Trucks for Sale

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in St. Louis

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle that has great off-road capabilities and offers a commanding view of the open road, then finding a used lifted truck for sale is a great option. A lifted truck is a type of truck that has a raised suspension and is fitted with big, off-road tires to improve its performance. Its main frame and chassis are typically higher by at least one foot compared to other traditional trucks. Since the body of the truck is raised up from the ground, it will not come into contact with things on the ground, making it the perfect companion for off-road driving.

If budget is a concern, Mid-Rivers Motors offers lower-priced lifted trucks for sale compared to other used car dealerships in St. Louis. We also offer truly guaranteed financing for those with less than perfect credit history. If you would like to inquire about our pickup trucks for sale, stop by to browse our current inventory online or call us at 636-970-6800 for more information.

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale: How to Buy the Best

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Mid-Rivers Motors offers a wide variety of used lifted trucks for sale. To get the best deal, here are five tips on how you can choose the best lifted truck for your personal or business needs:

  • Check for street legality. Know your state and local laws and determine if a used lifted truck for sale is street legal if you plan to drive the truck on local roads or interstates.
  • Know what you want. Ask yourself, “What will I use my truck for?” Then, make sure the lifted truck for sale meets your actual needs. At this point, you need to consider every detail such as the type and load capacity of the truck, the preferred lift height, and more.
  • Age does matter. Check for the truck’s age and mileage. The mileage on some older used lifted trucks for sale can be reset, so make sure the mileage matches the age and condition of the used truck.
  • Perform a thorough inspection. Instead of focusing on the aesthetics, concentrate on the mechanics instead. Look under the hood for any signs of leaks as well as wear and tear. Ask a professional mechanic to do an evaluation before you make the purchase.
  • Check the vehicle history report. Because lifted trucks have a higher center of gravity, they are more at risk of tipping over when placed under load. The vehicle history report will reveal if the used lifted truck for sale has been involved in a previous accident or has had a major body work done, something which may not be visible in plain sight. Run the vehicle’s VIN through a reputable reporting service provider for more detailed information on the truck you’re planning to purchase.

Shop the Best Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in St. Louis

When shopping for lifted trucks for sale, it is best to go with a local dealership. Mid-Rivers Motors has been serving the St. Louis Metropolitan area as well as areas around St. Peters since 1991. We provide high quality used vehicles at affordable prices, and offer multiple financing options.

Feel free to check out our online inventory of pickup trucks for sale, or call us at 636-970-6800 to learn more.